Unicare Health Services’ goal is for all patients to receive the highest possible level of care, all-the-time…every time. Our team is devoted to providing superior service and the latest technology that enables freedom, flexibility and independence. From the hospital to the home, Unicare is your partner every step of the way, making the transition simple and seamless.

At Unicare, we get it! There’s nothing more important than family, and you want the best care possible for yourself and your loved ones. That’s why we’ve been providing quality health care you deserve for more than 25 years. Our intention is to carry on this tradition by offering optimal support and services that results in the highest quality of life. We strive to continually live up to your expectations!


In no other industry is the link between quality and outcomes as profoundly important as in health care. At Unicare, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to the patients we serve. Patient Safety is the number one priority for our patients. In order to meet this objective, we know it requires a continuous, focused commitment of our entire staff. We constantly measure the level of care provided, identifying opportunities for improvement in everything we do.

Our programs are in compliance with all Federal, State and National Board of Respiratory Care guidelines. Our team is licensed and trained in patient care and rehabilitation for the homecare setting. We have a deep understanding of healthcare combined with exceptional customer service.


Unicare prides itself in being part of the Green movement – with safety and efficiency at the forefront. It’s easy when combining our paperless technology with our state-of-the art proprietary software which enables staff members to assist our customers at the click of a button from anywhere. Our cutting-edge, top-of-the- line support, products and supplies, enable patients to be worry-free and enjoy life. This makes partnering with Unicare Health Services the smart choice!